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Ladies Evertan Golf Gloves Look as Good as They Perform

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If you need a unique golf glove that will drive your game in comfort and style, look no further than Evertan Golf Gloves offered by East Coast Golf Sales. Focusing on a stable grip, classic elegance, and an easy, comfortable fit, Evertan was the first golf designer to offer "tan thru" gloves, which allow your hand to receive ventilation and sunlight. With ladies Evertan Golf Gloves, you'll never again have to face "golfer's tan", or feel the discomfort of wearing a sweaty glove on a hot day.

Empower your golf game with a sure grip that provides better control on those long shots, and choose from a variety of colors and designs on sale to reflect your athletic style. Evertan Golf Gloves are crafted from cabretta leather and lycra sports mesh, designed to bend and breathe so your game can shine.

Some golfers wear two gloves, but most choose just one for their non-dominant hand. That means you'll need to select an Evertan golf glove for your left hand if you're right-handed, or for your right if you're left-handed. Learn more about caring for your Evertan Golf Gloves from our store experts, or browse our wide selection to find the perfect color, fit, and style for you. Check out our complete selection of golf gloves for women.

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