The Hottest Fashion in Women’s Golf 2020

The Hottest Fashion in Women’s Golf 2020

The Hottest Fashion in Women’s Golf 2020 

What do Danielle Kang, Jessica Korda and Paula Creamer have in common? They’re young. Adorable. Fashion-forward. And oh, yes, they’re the future of women’s professional golf. These three trend-setters worry about more than their swing. They also think about the best golf fashion for women, which is why they consult with the nation’s top golf attire designers to get the skinny on new golfing styles for women.

Womens golf fashion designers? You bet. For high-profile golf garb designers like Larissa Grashian and Sarah Marai, chatting about LPGA Women’s Network matters includes dishing about hemlines and colors proclaimed fashion forward with each changing season. Looking good on the links is likely your goal, too.

Best golf fashion for women re-defined in 2017

Was 2017 the year the world of women’s golf fashion made headlines? Perhaps. That was the year Megan LaMothe, former Victoria’s Secret executive, launched Foray Golf, a company devoted to solving the dilemmas of female golfers eager to get rid of closets full of khaki so they looked terrific everywhere from the green to the clubhouse.

Coincidentally, 2017 was also the year the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) announced a strict new dress code that included plunging necklines, short shirts and leggings, wrote “People” magazine journalist Colleen Kratofil. Response to that code was swift, and not all of it positive. Violate the code and LPGA members could face a $1000 fine.

But for pro golfers like Christina Kim, who have great respect for the sport and the impression it makes on the public, those rules were welcomed. Her take? “I may sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but this is our place of business and I think players should look professional. Do you really need ventilation for your side-boob? It’s not going to make your score better.” Now that’s a womens golf fashion statement you can take to the bank!

4 Trends in new golfing styles for women

Trend #1: If you love prints, the 2020 womens golf fashion scene has your name written all over it. We’re talking over-the-top patterns lady golfers of yesteryear could never have imagined. Pattern varieties are so diverse, there’s something for everyone. From polka dot pants to tops and blouses lavished with fruit, fish and flower patterns, these lively prints are simply irresistible.

Trend #2: Golf dresses. Show off those legs. Stay cool. Nothing’s as feminine as a golf dress that is cut and trimmed to match the bodies of lady golfers. Fabric choices are over the moon, so whether you crave a golf dress that won’t impede your swing, sun protection built into a textile or you want the choice of a hemline that suits your style, you’ll find it.

Trend #3: Crossover duds. It’s perfectly acceptable to hit the clubhouse for lunch after finishing up nine holes wearing golf attire, but in 2020, designers urge women to consider buying garments that look so much like normal street attire, they can go straight to the mall or grocery store. This niche is really popular with time-crunched moms and businesswomen eager to play a round during the day when schedules are packed to capacity.

Trend #4: Sustainability. Yes, golf fashion has jumped on board the sustainability train and the clever results designers and product developers have come up with are sheer genius. Companies like Adidas are pioneering materials like PRIMEBLUE, harvesting ocean plastic washing up on shores around the globe and using it to weave unique polyester yarns that can be made into footwear, golf accessories and eco-friendly apparel.

Trendsetters leading the new golfing styles for women industry

1. Greyson Clothiers’ separates are getting the attention of the fair(way) sex with the 2020 introduction of fashion-forward separates for female golfers eager to look trendy. The company prides itself on new fashion picks for women and the company’s CEO has gone so far as to embellish garments with the names of daughters Greyson and Scarlett. From comfy jogger pants with convertible drawstrings to cashmere tops in vivid colors, “Golf Digest” featured these cool-looking items on the 2020 pages of their online magazine.

2. Oo-la-la! Foray Golf’s 2020 introductions were hits at the PGA Merchandise Show. One peek at these separates prove how inventive and beautiful golf garments can be. Currently available online, at top retailers and golf boutiques, Foray’s stand-out prints, styling and fit are setting new trends and building a base of brand fans. Company owner Megan LaMothe’s mission is to make sure that everything Foray produces can be worn on the course and many items in her 2020 collection belong in the crossover category.

3. Spring has sprung all over Lilly Pulitzer’s 2020 women’s golf introductions. Colors are so cheery, even if it’s cold where you live, you’ll find them fresh and irresistible. In her day, Lilly Pulitzer was quite the fashion icon and while she’s no longer with us, her company continues to produce some of the most outstanding and fashion-forward golf clothing collections for women on the planet. While Lilly may have catered to high society back in the day, her company is now all about today’s sporty woman who knows a quality garment and contemporary styling when she sees it.

4. Looking for a smorgasbord of trendy designers in 2020? Check out new styles by category and sold by design houses like Tail Gia, EllaBelle, Sansoleil, Kinona, Tail Jamie, JoFit, Ikbul, Adidas and more. Where? On the Golf Practice Guides website. If you can’t get enough dresses, tops or bottoms, pick the category that best suits your fashion sensibilities and find a list of features and benefits associated with each garment. The number of talented golf fashion designers continues to grow. Keep an eye on newcomers as closely as you keep tabs on the ball you send sailing across the course!