Zameka Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

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Brand: Zameka

Color: A Sun Flower


  • ANTI-ULTRAVIOLET: UPF>50+ Sunscreen fabric production, Double layer protection, Light transmittance is “0”.
  • Unique Double Layer and Reverse Opening and Folding design: Fold the top “wet” layer into the under “dry” layer when you step into your car or store or wherever, which prevents water from dripping, keeping floors and cars dry.
  • HANDS FREE HANDLE: The C-shaped handgrip allows you to play with mobile phone when you hold the reverse umbrella with your wrist and lift a bag in the rain, making it convenient for mothers when holding a baby.
  • DOUBLE LAYER FABRIC: Effectively avoids the drip permeation that occurs on most one-layer fabric umbrellas, double layer fabric enhances its windproof effect. Using this umbrella, you are always protected from the rain, strong wind, snow and UV rays.
  • IDEAL GIFT: This Reverse Umbrella is a necessary tool for your daily life. Also, it’s a creative gift for your Parents, Lovers, Friends, Colleagues, etc. Why not go for one as a gift for Christmas, Birthdays, and Anniversaries etc.

Publisher: Cloud Energy


When you holding a traditional umbrella in rainy days, have you ever encountered such a problem?

1. When you are out for your car and it starts pouring all the rain on your head; when you enter your car, it needs to close first, but make your cloth wet.

2. Make your floor, car so wet in rainy days, or make your clothes get wet when stand on the bus or subway! That’s terrible.

3. When you hold on a baby or lift a bag, it is very hard to hold.

Well, let’s finish these awful experiences with our old, poorly designed umbrellas!

This new Creative Inverted Umbrella can help us prepare for everything.

1. Inside-out Design Solves Multinational Rainy Day:

Your clothes, bag, car and floor will never get wet when you close the Rainy Umbrella after a downpour. The dry side of the umbrella will come outside and the wet side will come inside when it was closed.

Never get stuck when you close the Inverted umbrella after you get in a car or any covered space, and your arm still keep dry.

2. UV protection:

It is strong enough to withstand the strongest downpours and has a UV protection that is five times better than other sunshades.

3. User-friendly design:

the straight handle on your hand.

4. Product Information:

Umbrella Fabric Material: Double layers high-density water repellent fabric;

SPF: Cut off 87% of UV Rays;

Handle: Rubber Straight Handle;

5. What’s included:

1 x Reverse Umbrella

1 x Carry bag

Such an innovative product, why miss out. Buy it now.

Package Dimensions: 30.9 x 2.4 x 2.0 inches

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